First Time Home Buyer
in the Wilmington Area?

My name is Steve Smith and I am a local realtor of Wilmington, NC. I have been in the Wilmington area for about six years now and have the experience of being on both sides of a real estate transaction. I know what it means to my customers to be at their side at all times because I have been in that position at one time too.

If you decide to use me as your agent, whether for your first transaction or your fiftieth, then I can guarantee you that I will always be available for your questions or concerns and will work day and night to make your dreams come true. My experience is mostly with first-time home buying, investment properties, vacant land, and home selling. I have lots of knowledge about other areas of real estate so if you have any other questions then please feel free to contact me!

Steve brought an incredible amount of insight and intelligence about the house as well as the Wilmington area! He made the process so much more comfortable for my husband and I who are not familiar with Wilmington.

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The MLS is great for people looking to buy a home that best meets their criteria, as well as investors who are trying to get the best numbers for their calculations. The best part is it is free!

Foreclosures are only listed on the walls of the County Court House. Luckily I am there to report them back to you.

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