Cheap Apartments Near UNCW

“The Glen” – 4641 Filmore Drive ($530-$810)

The Glen is located behind the BP gas station and “Little Caesars” that is on college road. This complex offers floor plans from 1 bedroom/1bath to 3bedroom/2bath. I lived here for a year when I first got into UNCW and I thought it was great for the price I paid. “The Glen” offers a great location for students commuting to school and is in the heart of Wilmington. The buildings are built fairly well and I did not have any problems with the structure while living there. Things I did have problems with were management and the residents. When we first moved in we got put into the wrong unit, but “The Glen” is now under new management since I have been there so this probably will not happen. The residents were also a problem because it is a mix of all kinds of people. There were either loud college parties all night or people trying to steal your phone when you are walking to class.


“Pinewood Apartments” -4901 Randall Parkway ($590-$680)

The “Pinewood Apartments” are located on Randal right across from the commercial businesses. The “Pinewood Apartments” are built just like “The Glen” and are within a great walking distance from the campus. These apartments are very affordable just like “The Glen” and are under the same management as “The Glen” but seem to get better reviews. They do not offer as many floor plans because all they have are 1 bedroom/1bath or 2 bedroom/1bath; less than “The Glen” offers. This complex is also a different mix of people and has lots of families so it may not be a party complex if that is what you are looking for.


“Seahawk Square” -4756 Seahawk Square ($600)

This apartment complex is located very close to campus, right behind the cookout on college. These apartments are privately owned by landlords, and all the floor plans are 1bedroom/1bath. Since the apartments are privately owned, it may be hard to find a lease and the pricing may fluctuate from 600$. These apartments do not look very inviting from the outside and have been known to be a “weird” area but most of the units are nice on the inside. Because the units are privately owned you may also not get a nice unit, it just depends on what you find. The location of this place is great because it is as close as you can get to campus and it is also located behind cookout for late-night munchies.


“Kerr Crossing”- ($500)

“Kerr Crossing” is located at the intersection of Kerr and Randall near campus. This complex offers only one-floor plan of 3bedroom/3bath. The rooms are individually leased so this is good if you do not want to rely on others to make rent. The rent is also a flat rate for everything such as electricity, water, sewer, trash, and cable. I lived here during my last years of college and it was my favorite place to live. The Kerr Crossing management is great here and the complex is very well built. I like the fact that I only had to rely on my rent and not others. The bad parts of living here are that you are randomly placed with roommates so you don’t get to choose who you live with. The complex is also filled with a lot of college students so some nights can be loud and the halls will be littered with trash.