Things to do indoors in Wilmington,NC


If you have some kids that you are trying to entertain then bring them to one of Wilmington’s arcades. They will be entertained for hours playing games and you don’t have to sit and watch because you can get in on the action and play the games too! Some of the arcades that Wilmington has to offer are: Jungle Rapids, which is located on oleander, and the “Game Time Arcade”, which is located in the Independence mall.



If you want to get a better feel for your city and really know how it started then visit one of our many museums. Wilmington is an old city that is filled with lots of history that you would not believe. Here is a list of some of the museums that Wilmington has to offer:

-Cameron Art Museum,

-Cape Fear Museum

-Wilmington Railroad Museum

-Wrightsville Beach Museum of History

-North Carolina History Museum

-Civil War Museum.


This is only the beginning of the museums; if you travel to a neighboring town like Topsail or Southport then you will find many more.


Aquarium/ Serpentarium

North Carolina is home to lots of exotic species of animals. Living in the city of Wilmington, you probably will not see many wild animals. If you want to see what North Carolina wildlife is then going down to the North Carolina aquarium to see lots of aquatic life or to the Cape Fear Serpentarium to see lots of reptilian life. The North Carolina Aquarium is located in Fort Fisher and is home to all kinds of aquatic life like stingrays, sea turtles, lobsters, many fish, an albino alligator and many more! If aquatic life isn’t your thing then go downtown to the Cape Fear Serpentarium and check out the snakes, turtles, alligators, lizards, and dragons that they have to offer.


Wine tours/tastings

Wilmington is famous for its muscadine wine because their soil and climate are only suitable for muscadine vineyards to grow. This is a fun fact that I learned on the Duplin winery tour. Dupline winery is located right outside of Wilmington in the town of Rose Hill. You can go there and take a free tour and wine tasting for the day and if you are hungry then you can eat at their restaurant right beside the winery. This a great trip to make on a rainy day with nothing to do but unwind.



A new movie is a great indoor activity if you are looking to watch the newest movie that just came out? Well then go see a movie in Wilmington because we have two great cinemas. We have the Mayfaire 16& IMAX cinema, which is located in the shopping center of Mayfaire. And we have AMC 16 cinema, which is located right off of Kerr Ave. Both of these cinemas offer great prices and will always have the movie that you want to watch.


Defy Gravity

Are you look for more of a good workout but you want to have lots of fun while doing it? Then go down to the Defy Gravity trampoline park located on Market Street. Defy Gravity has lots of trampolines, an obstacle course, slack ropes, basketball hoop, and a trapeze swing. Defy Gravity is fun for the whole family and will be able to keep everybody active.


Independence Mall

If you wanting to do some shopping, eating, and people watching then go to the Independence mall which is located on Independence road. This mall has anchor stores such as Belk, JCPenny, and Sears. The mall also offers a food court and a wide variety of smaller stores and kiosks. The mall also offers Glow Golf, which is a great indoor activity for your friends and family. If you don’t have any money to spend on anything then just come here and walk around and see everything.


Ice Skating/ Hockey games

Wilmington is not just all sunshine and beaches. Wilmington also has exciting hockey games that you can attend. If the hockey games are not happening then you can also go ice skating all year round. The “Ice House”, which is located off of Market, has public ice skating sessions for all ages. You can go to your website today to look at their calendar for ice hockey games and public ice skating sessions.