3 best beaches near UNCW

As a recent UNCW graduate, I can say that my favorite activity at UNCW was going to the beach. This is something that most college students do not have access too and that is what I think makes UNCW very special. Lots of people think that UNCW only has one beach but that is not true. UNCW has lots of beaches but the three that I think are the best are Wrightsville, Carolina, and Kure. Here’s why:


Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville beach is number one on this list because of many reasons. The main reason is that it is the closest to campus, which means a shorter drive there. When you are going to the beach you do not want to have a long car ride because you are super excited to get there and when you get all sandy all salted you don’t want to drive back like that for very long. Another reason I like Wrightsville beach so much is that it is a very nice area. The water is nice because the island has jetties on both sides to keep the drift to a minimum. The architecture and houses are very nice and do not have a lot of commercial hotels, which would give it that Myrtle Beach vibe. Then the last reason I like Wrightsville beach is that of the nightlife it has. Wrightsville Beach has the famous “Beach Bars” that all the students like to go too and have a night of drinking and dancing with the friends.


Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach is my second favorite beach behind Wrightsville because it has more of a tourist and vacation vibe too it. This could be a good or bad thing but I think it is fun to go down to Carolina beach sometimes to act like I’m on vacation and go to the summer amusement park that it has every year. Next to the amusement park is the boardwalk that you can walk up and down and see the beach or the variety of shops that Carolina beach has to offer. If you do not feel like getting in the ocean then you can always travel to the Carolina beach state park where you can access the intercostal waterway. Carolina Beach is a farther drive from UNCW which is why I do not go down there as often but the drive down is scenic so I would suggest it if you have the day off.


Kure Beach

Then last I choose Kure beach. Kure beach is right next to Carolina beach so it is even farther from UNCW. The reason I choose Kure beach is that it has a nice southern charm to it. It is mostly locals who live down in Kure beach so it is not as developed and busy as the other beaches. Kure beach also offers free parking and has a nice boardwalk that you can walk up and down. Next to Kure beach is Fort Fisher, which is home to the NC Aquarium and the Fort Fisher civil war museum.