How to bike to Wrightsville beach from UNCW’S campus

During the summer one of my favorite activities is to bike to Wrightsville beach. Biking to the beach is very fun because it involves a scenic biking route and when you reach your destination then you reach the beach where you get to cool off. In my younger days when I attended UNCW and had more free time; I would bike to the beach almost every day. During this process, I became a pro on biking to the beach and knowing how to make the best of the trip without having to dodge traffic, dehydration, and kooks.

If you want to see a video of how to bike to the beach from UNCW then check this out!

Some good reasons why you should want to bike to the beach and why I like too are:



-No parking tickets

-Saves gas

-You get to explore another side of Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach

-Fun with friends

-You get to go outside

– You don’t look like a kook


So before you bike to the beach you want to make sure that you are prepared to bike to the beach. Things I usually bring are:

-Bike & lock




-Snack or cash because you are going to get hungry

-Water bottle



-Long-sleeved rash/UV Guard

Optional: bike rack and surfboard


So from campus, it is about a 15-mile round trip and you can use any kind of bike that you like. I first started on a 100-dollar beach cruiser from Wal-Mart and that thing lasted about two years before I got a road bike. Make sure that you have about three hours of free time and try to bring music with you for optimum fun.

Here is a map to illustrate



Wherever you are on campus, you want to try to get to the back of campus and get on the cross-city trail that is on Rose Ave. This area is near Wagoner Hall. If you are near the front of campus then you can get on the cross-city trail that is near the track and quad apartments. Once you get on the cross-city trail then you want to ride it all the way until you get to Mallard street where you will take a left. Once on Mallard Street, you will want to cross over to the other side of the street and take a right onto Rill Road. Then ride a short distance up Rill road and you will come to a dead end that has an entrance onto another part of the cross-city trail. You will ride this trail until it comes out on Rogersville road where you will take a left. You will ride this about 100 feet then cross Rogersville road then ride this a long time until you come to the Eastwood/Military Cutoff Road. At this part, you are going to want to go straight across Military Cutoff road and then take a left across Eastwood. You will now be back on the cross-city trail and you will be able to ride this all the way to Wrightsville Beach. On this trail you will pass Landfall on your right then you will ride over the first bridge. If you are a novice bike rider then I will suggest that you dismount your bike and walk it across this bride because there is no guardrail to stop you from spilling into the road. Once you are over the bridge you will want to go to the left and ride along Pelican Drive and look at all the nice beach houses. Once you ride along Pelican Drive, you will come to the end where you will cross over Salisbury Street and ride the bike path across the 2nd bridge. Now you right by Johnny Mercer’s pier and all you have to do it ride through the light and you will be at the beach access where you can lock your bike up. Something important to remember is that you cannot ride your bike on the sidewalks on Wrightsville beach so just sit at the traffic light and ride through as if you were in a car. This seems dangerous but nobody will bother you and you will make everybody else happy.


You have now biked to the beach! Enjoy your fun in the sun and try to catch some waves if the surf is good. Remember that you are going to bike back home so be sure not to drink too much or use all your energy or it is going to be a rough ride home. To get back home then just take the same route as before and be sure to have fun!