Parking tips for Wrightsville Beach

During the summer season parking at Wrightsville beach can be a nightmare. You will have to ride up and down the island once or twice before you can find a decent spot. Sometimes I have never even been able to find a spot and have had to miss out on a nice day at the beach. There are some secrets on how to park at Wrightsville beach and I will let you know what they are so everybody can enjoy the beach anytime they want.


Let us go over the basics of parking at Wrightsville Beach. The paying parking season is from March 1st to October 31st and the hours are 9 am to 8 pm. Anytime before or after they are free and you do not have to get a ticket. The fee for parking is 2.50 an hour or 17 for the day. If you get a ticket then the fee will be 35 dollars at first and if you wait then the fine can reach up to 55 dollars.


Wrightsville beach offers on street and off street parking. On street parking has regular meters that take coins or they offer a number that you can call so you can use a card. The south side of Wrightsville actually has meters that you can insert your card into. Off street parking has machines that you can put cards, cash, or call and it will automatically print a ticket for you so you can put it in your windshield or make sure that it is visible.


Now during the summer the parking is going to be filled up everywhere and do not try to park in the parking lot of a hotel or restaurant or they will tow you because you are not the first to try that. If you try to go to the far south or north side then parking is going to be scarce because that is what everybody else is doing too. If you go towards the middle towards Johnny Mercer’s pier then you probably will not find a spot either because that is a popular destination too.


Here are some secret tips to find yourself a good spot to park at Wrightsville Beach:


  1. My favorite spot to park is the beach access that is next to the Holiday Inn. For some reason, this spot is not that popular and I can always find a spot in the parking lot. A bonus is that you can also go to the pool and the Jacuzzi at the hotel but be sure to buy a drink or food so you can support the local hotel.
  2. Another spot to park is at the Wrightsville beach park on Causeway Drive. This spot is farther away and you will have to walk a fair distance but you are able to print out a ticket for 2 hours for FREE. After those two hours, you will have to park but I like this spot because it always has parking and the walk is nice.
  3. My last tip is to park at the Wrightsville Beach Baptist church. This church actually allows people to use its parking lot to park. This spot is not a big secret though because parking is usually full but if you can find a spot then it is free and a short walk to the beach. They do let people park here for free but when they need to use it for their members then they will put up a sign and they will tow if they have to so beware.