Townhomes near UNCW

If you are a student at UNCW and you are looking for off-campus housing then I would consider moving into a townhouse. Townhouses are great because you get a ground unit and upstairs unit and do not have to worry about noisy neighbors above you or below you. Townhouses are generally cheap because your unit is not taking up that much land space. Townhouses usually come with amenities like maintenance, pools and common areas. Here is a list of 3 townhouse complexes that are near the UNCW campus.



Greenway Village – 321 South Kerr Ave

Located near the intersection of Randal and Kerr is Greenway Village. These townhouses offer a short ride to campus and a small quiet community made up of families and college students. Greenway village comes with a great pond to walk around as well as maintenance. Greenway Village offers units that are 3 bedrooms and 3 baths or 2 bedrooms and 3 baths. These units usually rent from 1000-1200 dollars a month.


Ashton – 223 Racine Drive

Ashton is a townhouse complex that is located near Racine and Eastwood. Ashton is a little farther from campus than Greenway village but still offers a short bike ride. All of the townhouses are 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. Ashton has amenities like a clubhouse, pool, common areas and maintenance. These townhouses usually rent out for 1500 dollars a month


Carlton Place – 5006 Carlton drive

Carlton place is by far the closest townhouse complex to UNCW. Most of the residents are college students who walk to class every day. Carlton place offers amenities like a clubhouse, pool, common areas and maintenance. Carlton place has units that come in:

-3 bedroom/ 2 bath

-3 bedroom/ 3 bath

-4 bedroom/ 3 bath

These townhomes will usually rent out for 1300-1600 dollars a month