Are there jobs in Wilmington NC?

Wilmington has a population has a population of about 118,000 people and the population is only growing. If you have these many people in a city then there has to be a lot of jobs right? Well, there are a lot of jobs but just not a lot of careers.


Wilmington is near the coast and has a lot of rich history. Wilmington is a big tourist attraction for people all over the world who want to vacation here all year round. Because of this, Wilmington is known as a “Service” city, which means that the city is mostly made of service industries like food, entertainment, and lodging. Most people that live in the city are going to be working for one of these service industries, but there are some careers in this city. Most careers in Wilmington are either going to be medical, law, or banking. If you are looking to have a career in Wilmington then you will want to be in one of these fields. If you do not have experience in any of these fields then you will want to make sure that you are an entrepreneur and be able to make your own career.


Wilmington is home to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington as well as a lot of other colleges. This brings in a lot of students with degrees that are always looking for jobs after school so this makes the job market very completive. Most of the careers that require a college education around Wilmington will be very competitive due to all the colleges around Wilmington. Since Wilmington is near the coast this also brings lots of people to Wilmington just because it is a great location to live at.


I came to Wilmington to go to college and I loved the area so much that I decided to stay and that is why I am still here. I had to become an entrepreneur because I never majored in any of the STEM fields. Are there jobs in Wilmington, NC? Yes, but if you are looking to move to Wilmington and have a high paying job then it might be harder to achieve then if you were to move to Raleigh, Charlotte, or any other big city. Remember that before you move here that it is going to be very competitive and you may have to settle for a service job. No matter what job you work though, you can always remember that you still get to live in a wonderful area.