Best sushi restaurants in Wilmington NC

Genki Sushi- 4724 new Centre drive #5

Genki Sushi is located across from the target on Market Street and may be hard to find if you do not search for it. Genki’s is a hole in the wall kind of restaurant with one chef on duty. The place may be small but the sushi is great. Each time you come by to eat they will serve you a complimentary bowl of endame while you wait. The menu consists of every kind of roll you can think of as well as other Japanese cuisines such as salads and dinner entrees. Genkis usually has specials every day of the week


Nikki’s- multiple locations

Nikki’s sushi is a chain and has multiple locations around Wilmington such as downtown, independence mall and in Mayfair. Nikki’s sushi may not have the best sushi in town but what they have is happy hour from 4pm-6pm. During these hours you get half-priced sushi and that makes it all worth it. Nikki’s sushi does not only serve sushi but they also have hibachi type food. If you have a hot date but low on cash then be sure to bring them down to Nikki’s between 4pm-6pm.

Blue Asia- 341 south college rd

Blue Asia is located in the shopping center of university commons near campus and is a favorite among students. This is a favorite among students because of the all you can eat buffet of sushi that they have. This buffet is not your typical buffet where the food sits out for an hour before it is eaten. You actually get to order the rolls for your self and have them made for you fresh. And you get as many rolls as you want for 13.95 but you have to make sure that you eat what you order or you will be charged for the wasted rolls. If you don’t like sushi then they offer other hibachi type food entrees.

Okami Japanese steakhouse- 414 South college road

Located right across from UNCW college, Okami steakhouse is one of my favorites because they offer the same all you can eat buffet but just a dollar cheaper. It is a unique barn style building and has lots of room inside. If you are looking for something else besides sushi then they also offer hibachi and they will cook it in front of you to in a Benihana-style.

Tokyo- 880 town center drive

Located in the Mayfaire shopping center, Tokyo 101 is my favorite out of all of the sushi restaurants. Tokyo by far offers the best quality sushi in Wilmington but it is also the most expensive out of all these. Tokyo 101 has a nice atmosphere and is very big.Just like every other restaurant, Tokyo 101 offers hibachi too if you do not want to eat sushi. Expect to pay full price because Tokyo 101 does not offer any specials or anything.