Best surf shops in Wilmington, NC

Hot Wax

Hot wax is located near UNCW’s campus and is probably my favorite surf shop. Hot wax is the biggest of all the surf shops and has the widest selection of everything from surfing to snowboarding. This place will be the one stop shop for anything you need which is why I think it is one of the best surf shops in Wilmington, NC.


Sweetwater has a great spot right on the Wrightsville beach boardwalk and also operates the local surf report for Wrightsville beach. Sweetwater is a smaller shop and specializes in mostly just surf and skate. Sweetwater is awesome because if you forget something while surfing then you can just run up to the shop and get it.

Surf City

Surf city surf shop is also located in Wrightsville beach and specializes in surf and skate. I buy all my boards from this shop because they carry boards by a local shaper named Gary Wilson.

17th street

17th street surf shop has turned into more of a franchise because it has locations popping up all over Wilmington. 17th is more of a skate shop that also carries more clothes. They have surf gear but they do not have a lot to choose from.

South End Surf Shop

South End surf shop is located on the south end of Wrightsville across from the Oceanic restaurant. South End is a smaller shop and deals mostly with surfing deals mostly with surfing gear but it will have everything that you need. I think Southend is one of the best surf shops in Wilmington, NC because it has a great location and it has a coffee shop right above it so you can get some coffee after or before your surf session.