Places to eat for less than $10 in Wilmington, NC

Chops Deli

Chops Deli is a local gourmet sandwich shop that started in downtown Wilmington. Since they started, Chops has grown to be very popular among Wilmington and has branched out to two more locations such as Wrightsville beach and Monkey Junction. Chops deli serves sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, mac’ n cheese and beer. All the produce at Chops Deli is locally sourced and they have a contract with boar head meats so all the meat is top notch.

P.T.’S Olde Fashioned Grille

Known to have “Wilmington’s best Burger” P.T.’S is the place you want to go if you just want a nice burger and fries in a relaxed atmosphere. The menu offers other things such as grilled chicken sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, hot dogs, turkey sandwiches, B.L.T. sandwiches, chicken tenders, Grilled cheese sandwiches, and salads. They also serve beer if you are looking to celebrate your savings. Be sure to call it P.T.’S so you look don’t look like a kook.

Flaming Amy’s

A popular local spot in Wilmington is flaming Amy’s burrito barn. Here they sell most burritos that you can either design your self or just choose something off the menu. With each burrito you order, you also get a side of chips with your order.

Positalia Italian Eatery

Postitalia focuses on serving fresh, authentic Italian cuisine in a way that lets you design your own dish. They are kind of like Chipotle, where you get to choose how your dish is made, but in an Italian matter. They offer a more modern atmosphere and have cheap prices if you are not looking for a full-on dining experience.

Islands Fresh Mex

If you like cheap tacos then this is the place to go. Islands specializes in burritos, tacos, salads, nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas and other fresh Mex favorites. Every night after 5 pm they have dollars tacos and this is a great deal if you are looking for a meal that will fill you up. Islands also sells beer and has a bar in case you are looking to get drunk with the money you saved. If you are going here with friends then be sure to call it “Islands” so you don’t look like a kook.

Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ is a is an all American style restaurant that specials in BBQ and sandwiches. This place is more of a chain that spreads across several states along the east coast. Mission BBQ always has an all American vibe and each place you eat and they always donate their proceeds to different charities.mission BBq is a great place to eat for less than $10 in Wilmington, NC.

Tropical Smoothie Café

This place may sound like it only sells smoothies but they also sell other food items like sandwiches, wraps, and bowls. They offer all kinds of flavors of smoothies as well as supplements that you can put in them like, whey, fat burners, and vitamins. This is a very reasonably priced place to eat and you can find multiple locations all over Wilmington.