Best places to eat ice cream in Wilmington, NC


Kilwins is a great place to get local handmade ice-cream and other treats. Located downtown on the riverwalk, Kilwins offers a great location to get ice cream and walk around while you eat it. Kilwins offers other homemade treats such as candies, fudge, hand-dipped fruits, and even candles. If you do not feel like walking around and eating your ice cream then they also offer a great old-time atmosphere.


Boombalotti’s is family owned and operated locally and offers great homemade ice-cream. Boombalattis is located in Mayfair and near the beach so you will have more than enough scenery to enjoy while you enjoy your ice cream. They offer 26 flavors of homemade ice cream that is made from grass-fed dairy. They also offer ice-cream pies if you or anybody you know has a birthday coming up!

Fuzzy Peach

Fuzzy peach is a franchise that actually started in Wilmington, NC. The franchise was started by a group of entrepreneurship majors from UNCW and they eventually were able to grow it into a great business. Fuzzy peach actually sells frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, which just means that their ice cream has less dairy fat in it. Fuzzy peach goes by a “pay by the ounce”, which means that you get as much frozen yogurt and toppings as you want by you will pay for it by how much it weighs.







Brrberry is another frozen yogurt place in Wilmington that has the same kind of “pay by the ounce” system that fuzzy peach has. Brrberry is also a franchise and has multiple locations in Wilmington, Jacksonville, and Morehead City.






Brusters is a nationwide franchise and there is one in Wilmington on 17th street. Brusters offers ice-cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, floats, and shakes. All of Bruster’s products are handmade every day and they offer 150 different flavors.