Can you surf in Wilmington, NC?

Can you surf in Wilmington, NC?

While you cannot actually surf in the city of Wilmington. You can surf on the boarding beach towns of Wilmington, NC. The best towns to surf are Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Fort Fisher, and Top Sail. Though east coast surfing may not compare to west coast surfing, the east coast still has great days to surf.


How to know when the surf will be good?

To find out what days will be great to surf then you can check out online surf reports like or WBlivesurf and they will tell you what days and conditions are good for surf. Every location has different swell and wind conditions that make good surf so you need to study these places to get good at how to read a surf report for your area.


How to know where to surf on the beach

Most of the breaks in North Carolina are on sand. For good waves to form on sand then they have to have shallow water. You are going to need to find sandbars wherever you are surfing to get good waves. Most of the time sandbars are near the piers. Find a pier and try to go surfing near it but do not get to close to the piers or the fisherman will call the police on you.


What time of day should you surf?

The best time to surf on the east coast or anywhere would be in the early morning when the sun comes up. This is because there are fewer crowds and people getting in your way. The second reason is that the wind blowing less in the morning which is a huge factor in the condition of waves. If the wind is less then the waves will be smoother. When the wind picks up then the waves will be rougher and harder to surf.

Where are my favorite places to surf?


Wrightsville beach– I like to surf on the right side of crystal pier


Carolina beach– In front of the Marriot hotel ( one with the green dome)


Fort Fisher– On the very end of the island near the civil war museum. The best waves are near the rocks but they are the most dangerous.


Masonboro island- This is the most secluded spot but it is the hardest to get to. the best waves are on the very north of the island near the jetties.