6 tips to hosting a successful open house

When you first become a real estate agent, you will need to be doing open houses at some point in your career. Now I have not had a lot of luck with open houses, as far as getting lots of clients but I have had some luck with them. Doing open houses will also help you with being able to talk about real estate and talk to others about real estate. Doing open house may not get you lots of business but it will help with building your confidence in the industry. During my time doing open houses, I learned a lot about how to host a successful open house and here are my tips for you too to have a successful open house.

Set up your signs early

In order to have a successful open house then you need people. And you will need to let people know that you are having an open house and let them know where it is. I would suggest setting up your signs the day before and put them on every turn that you need to make. Check in with neighborhood rules because sometimes they do not allow signs and will take them down. Signs are also the best form of marketing for your open house too so make sure to make it the best you can.

Get there early

Be sure to get to your open house at least 30 minutes early. This will give you time to prepare the house and sometimes there are guests who will arrive early to the open house. Getting there early will also give you time to scout the house and get to know it better. If there are weird things around the house like a generator, water pump, septic, or anything then be sure to find out what it is.

Study the house inside and out

This is probably the most important tip. All the guest will expect you to know all the answers and if you do, then that will make you look more competent as a realtor. Take about 30 minutes the night before and study everything about the house. Then be sure to get there early so you can walk around the house and find out what everything is and what it is made of.

-What are the property taxes for the house?

-Is the house in a flood zone?

-What are the dimensions of the rooms? (Bring a tape measure with you)

-Which room is the master bedroom?

-What is the neighborhood like?

-How old is the A/C and roof?

Know all these questions the best you can. Sometimes you will not be able to answer their questions but that just gives you a chance to follow up with them after to answer their question.

Prepare the house

You will need to prepare the house for the guest to walk around and be comfortable. You do not need to go all out and buy cookies and lemonade but make sure that you make the house inviting. I usually go and open all the blinds in all the rooms to get natural sunlight. If a room is dark then I will make sure to turn on the lights in the room. I will make sure all doors and closets are open so the house will have a nice flow to it. Make sure that none of the doors are locked so people can roam openly.

Greet people at the door

Whenever somebody comes to the door of the open house then I will always jump up and greet them. I will tell them my name and shake their hand and tell them to walk around and if they have any question then to let me know. I will let them roam freely and just stay in the main area and be ready for any questions that they have. Some realtors will give people a tour of the house, some will follow them, but I just let them road freely and let them ask me anything if they need too. Eventually, I will try to strike a conversation with these kinds of questions:

-Have you been to any other open houses?

-Do you live in Wilmington?

-What kind of house are you looking for?

You will come into contact with all different kinds of people in open house. Some will demand a show and a buffet and some will run in and run out. You do whatever makes you the most comfortable and go from there. Just be nice and knowledgeable and don’t try to hard to please everybody.

Keep yourself occupied

The open house is not all about the guests; it is also you in there all day. Sometimes you will have a full day of people and sometimes you will not so there will be a lot of downtimes. I would suggest finding things to keep you occupied during this time. Most of the time you will not have wi-fi so you will need to find things that do not require Internet. Most of the time I will gather lists of people to cold-call and prospect but sometimes I just don’t feel like working 24/7. Some other things that I will do are learn new skills. While I been an agent, I have learned how to juggle, knit and now I am working on solving a Rubix cube.