3 best skate parks in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington is a great area that offers all kinds of great activities for all ages. One thing that Wilmington has is to offer is great skateparks. Wilmington and a lot of other cities are not very friendly towards people who want to skate inside the city so they built parks for people to go to and skate. Wilmington does not have that many skateparks to choose from but here is a list of my three favorite skateparks in Wilmington, NC.

Ogden Skatepark- 225 Ogden park drive Wilmington NC 28411

Located in Ogden Park, this park is free to skate but you must skate at your own risk. The park is 10,000 square feet and has a variety of bowls, ramps, rails, and stairs. This park was actually designed by a Seattle based company called Grindline and was funded partly by the Tony Hawk Foundation. The park is open from 8am-sunset and you can find the rules for the park Here.





Greenfield Grind Skatepark- 302 Willard St, Wilmington, NC

Located near downtown Wilmington, Greenfield Grind skatepark is located in Greenfield Park. Unfortunately, you must pay to skate this park, but they offer yearly memberships. This park offers over 9000 square feet of space to skate consisting of bowls, ramps, hips, rails, and ledges. The park is open 6 days a week and is closed Monday. Usual hours are 12 noon- 10 pm but have special BMX sessions on Sunday and Wednesday from 6pm-10pm. Passes are 3$ dollars a day/ 50$ annual for city residents and 4$ a day/75$ for non-residents. Here is their website explaining more.

Mike Chappell SkatePark- Highway 1573 Carolina Beach

Located in Carolina beach, Mike Chappell Skatepark is unsupervised and free to the public but skate at your own risk. The park is 8,000 square feet and is complete with ramps, rails, and bowls. The hours of operation are 8am-11pm seven days a week. The park even has a webcam so you can see if your friends or kids are skating.