Are Zbuyer leads worth it?

Have you been getting repeated emails from Zbuyer telling you about all the hot leads in your are? Well, I did too and I decided to try them out for awhile to see how it goes. They are a fairly cheaper lead generator compared to others like Zillow or something. With leads though, you get what you pay for and my experience was not that great with them but I will tell you how it went so maybe you can decide on whether or not you want to buy them.

How does Zbuyer work?

Zbuyer does not exactly tell you how they work. They say that they get their leads from other websites but do not say how. When you contact the leads, they are confused about how you got their info so it seems like they take leads from random sites without them knowing.

Zbuyer will give you large lists of leads because a lot of them do not work very well. The lists will consist of buyers and sellers. The list will tell you the name, number, email, looking price, and what their goal is (EX. Trying to buy within 6 months).

 What is the process for signing up?

 To sign up for Zbuyer, you can just go on the internet, put in your info, then get leads so it is fairly easy to sign up. They ask for what city you would like your leads from and not zip code. Then they base the price of what you will pay on how popular the city is. Once you pay then they will give you hundreds of leads but a lot of them are old leads but you can still try to reach out to them. Once you have paid then they will start sending you new leads daily.

 What was my experience with Zbuyer?

 I did not get any business out of Zbuyer so I eventually just quit the lead program. While I had it, I contacted all the leads all the time but all of them were never serious buyers. If I knew where Zbuyer got their leads from then I would probably know why but it just seemed like these were just secondary leads stolen from Zillow or something.

I had contacted hundreds of people and only a few responded and when they responded then the case was always that they had bought house months prior or already had a realtor. A lot of them were looking to buy in completely different states. A lot of people were just shocked at how I got their info and were mad about that

You get a lot of leads with Zbuyer but their aim is quantity or quality. In my opinion, I feel like Zbuyer is a waste of money but maybe I didn’t follow up right or something. If you decide to give Zbuyer a try then be sure to follow up with every single lead that you are given. It is definitely a numbers game with Zbuy so be sure to use every one you get.