Pros and Cons of Wilmington, NC

Wilmington NC is a great area to live and if you are trying to decide to move here then I would definitely pick here to live. I have lived on the east coast and the west coast, big cities, and small cities, and Wilmington definitely beats them all. I came to Wilmington to attend school at UNCW and after I graduated I decided to stay because I loved the area so much. Wilmington is a great blend of affordability and great location and that is why I like it. Though Wilmington may sound great, it also has its drawbacks. I will go over the pros and cons of Wilmington, NC and hopefully, after reading this you will be able to decide if you want to move here or not.




Great area

Wilmington is in a great location that has everything for anybody. Wilmington is close to the coast for people who want to go boating, surfing, or fishing. Wilmington has a great downtown for city people who like art and history. Wilmington has countryside for people who want to get away from the city and the coast. Wilmington has lots of great restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops to choose from if you do not want to spend all day at the beach. Wilmington may not be a big city like Raleigh or Charlotte but it still has plenty of city lifestyle. Wilmington also has a great geographical location, since it is located in NC, it is halfway between the east coast so you get great weather without the extreme weather changes. You will not have the muggy hurricane seasons of Florida and you will not have the cold blizzard seasons of Maine. Wilmington has hot summers that will reach to around 100 degrees at most and mild winters that will get down to about 20 degrees. Wilmington does get Hurricanes around September but is never hit hard directly by any of them, it is mostly just rain.



I hear people talking all the time about how the rent prices here are outrageous but in reality, Wilmington is a very cheap place to live. If you compare the prices to how great the location is then it is very reasonable. Real estate is not the only cheap thing around here, household items and food are very cheap around here and if you go out then you can expect to pay a reasonable price for a beer. If you want more info on the cost of living in Wilmington then check out my blog here.

Great Schools

Wilmington has great school systems for all ages. Wilmington’s main attraction is the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, which is a great college. Wilmington has other great schools like Cape Fear Community, Wrightsville beach elementary, Eaton Elementry, Isaac bear High and much more reputable schools. If you want to check out schools in the area then look here.

Lots of events

Wilmington is also a buzzing town that always has lots of events going on. Wilmington has lots of big festivals every year like river fest, the azalea festival, and beer/wine festivals. There are also concerts going on all the time at Green Field amphitheater, Wrightsville beach, and downtown. Wilmington also has a great nightlife, it has a great downtown with lots of nightlife and is located near Wrightsville beach which is known for its great bar scene.

Lots of art and history

Wilmington became the great city that is today because it is known as a “Port City”.   Back in the 1800’s Wilmington became a big trading port for the east coast which brought all kinds of different cultures and people. Wilmington’s coast was also a big confederacy stronghold during the civil war which brought lots of history to it. Today in Wilmington you can find all kinds of interesting museums all around Wilmington that cover its historical background in music, dance, and war. If you like music then you can find all kinds of piano bars, jazz clubs, and rock shows. If you like to dance then Wilmington has an awesome latin dance scene. If you like history then be sure to check out Fort Fisher which is the Confederate base that still stands today. Take a trip downtown Wilmington and walk around the historic districts and you can see all the amazing homes that were built in the 1800’s that still stand today.

People are nice

One great thing about Wilmington is that it is located in the south. Southern people are known for their great hospitality and are always willing to talk to strangers about anything. Down here you can expect people to wave at you for no reason except just to be friendly. Though all people are different and there may be some exceptions, for the most part, everybody around here will treat you kindly.



Not a lot of careers

Wilmington is a big city with lots of jobs but it just not have a lot of careers here. Wilmington is known as a “service” city which means that its economy is based mostly off of tourism. Most of the jobs around Wilmington are at restaurants or retail If you do not have an education or experience in Science, technology, engineering, or medical (STEM) then you will have a hard time finding a suitable career. I would suggest lining up a job before you get here or be able to settle for a service if you want to try to move down here.


In my opinion, I think Wilmington is a safe place to live but every city has its bad parts. If you want to look at numbers and statistics then it will show that Wilmington has one of the highest crime rates in the state of North Carolina. This goes back to Wilmington being a Port city which brings in goods back also brings in lots of bad. If you want to see the numbers then be sure to look here.


Wilmington was established back in the 1800’s and while they were building the city, they did not think about the future of how Wilmington would expand. The city was mainly built for horse and buggy transportation and was built on a grid like a system. There are not that many people here if you compare Wilmington to bigger cities like L.A or Atlanta but by the way, the city was built, things get congested easily. Wilmington is trying to fix this problem though by building freeways and expanding intersections but will need a couple more years before they are able to accommodate.