Best libraries around Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC is a growing city that has lots of residents that are attending school or maybe trying to start a new business. Many people may think that Wilmington is a beach town filled with tourists and surfers but Wilmington has a great library scene for all ages that like to read or study. Wilmington has great colleges that have great libraries and the city also offers lots of libraries all around town. With the number of libraries in this town then you should be able to find whatever it is that you want to read or study. I will go over the list of the best libraries that Wilmington, NC has to offer.

College libraries

William Madison Randall Library- located on UNCW’s campus, this is this is the best library in Wilmington, NC because I spent many nights in it and because it is also the biggest/ most advanced. Randall library offers two levels of more bookshelves than you would need and lots of staff that can assist you in finding what you need. The library offers printers, sitting areas, private rooms, a computer renting station, and a port city java. Randall library does have a lot to offer but in order to use it then you must buy a yearly pass. Randall library even has its own website that you can check out here.

Cape Fear Community College – CFCC offers two locations in Wilmington, NC with libraries. One location is downtown and the other location is in Castle Hayne but they both offer great libraries for you to browse and study in. This library also requires you to obtain a library card in order to use their facility. For more information then be sure to check out their website.

New Hanover public libraries

Wilmington has four major around Wilmington that are open to the public. All four of these libraries area FREE to the residents of New Hanover but you still have to get a library card. All the libraries offer lots of books, space and tables to read or study, printers, free-wifi and conference rooms that are available to rent. For more information on the libraries then be sure to check out their website here.


Northeast Branch- 1241 military cutoff road Wilmington, NC 28405

Main Branch- 201 chestnut street Wilmington, NC 28401







Myrtle Grove Branch- 5155 South College Road Wilmington, NC 28412

Pleasure Island Branch- 1401 N Lake Park Boulevard Carolina, NC 28428