Downtown Wilmington, NC Nightlife

Whether you live in Wilmington or maybe you are visiting, if you want something to do at night then be sure to check out the Wilmington downtown nightlife. The Wilmington downtown nightlife has great options for all ages and any kind of setting that you prefer. If you want a nightclub experience, then Wilmington has that. If you want a laid-back bar experience then Wilmington has that. Here is my guide to Wilmington nightlife. I did not list all the bars and clubs there are but I tried to list all the bars that are generally well-liked by everybody.

The Rooftop bar at North Front Theatre

Rooftop bar is located on Front Street which is in the heart of downtown and is near a lot of other bars if you decide to go bar hopping. I like this bar because of the great view that it has to offer while you are out and about. The rooftop bar sits on top of the Iconic Masonic Lodge and has a great view of downtown and the Cape Fear River. Aside from the rooftop bar, there is also a 200+ seat theater below the bar were events going on such as plays, movies, comedy, and dance.


Pravda is another bar that is located on Front Street and is near all the action. Pravda is mostly a dance nightclub and you can expect to pay a charge and only be served drinks. Pravda is an awesome bar because it is USSR themed and has lots of cool artifacts all around. Above the bar is has replica guns and pictures of past dictators. Pravda has great drink deals so if you just want to dance and drink to great music then this is the place for you.

Reel café

Reel café is located on Front Street with all the other bars and is the biggest of all them. This is your one-stop shop for everything you need such as food, games, events, and dancing. Reel café has three levels and on the first level, you have the restaurant and courtyard. This level serves break, lunch, dinner, and has a late-night menu. You can also expect to find live music playing on the first level. On the second level, you have pool tables and tvs for if you just want to relax and play games. Then the top floor is another rooftop bar that just serves drinks and has a dance floor with a great view. If you are looking for a one-stop shop kind of bar then this is your place. For more info on reel café then check out their website here.










Liquid room is located on Market Street near the river walk but is still near all the action. Liquidroom is a popular bar around Wilmington because it is an 18 and up club and they still serve alcohol. Liquidroom is also known for the great deals such as two dollar Tuesday were everything there is only two dollars. Liquidroom room has two levels, on the first level they have a bar a pool tables for a more relaxing environment. On the second l,evel they have a bar and a dance floor if you are looking for a nightclub experience. Liquid room is a great option if you are underage or if you want great deals.









Blue Post

Blue Post is located on Front Street but is down an alley across from the Husk so it may be hard to find sometimes but once you find it then you will not be disappointed. Bluepost is not a nightclub but is a great bar option for when you do not want to dance. Blue post has one bar, has lots of games, and a great atmosphere. Blue Post offers pool tables and dart boards if you want traditional games if not then Blue Post has lots of arcade games. The arcade games they have to offer are skeeball, air hockey, pinball, basketball hoops, photo booths, and lots of video games. If you do not have quarters then they have a quarter machine for all your gaming needs. Blue Post also has a great historic atmosphere to it such as lots of wood and exposed brick which is nice.







The Husk

The Husk is located right across from Blue Post and is on Front Street. The Husk looks like it might be a country bar but is far from it. They play great music and have inside and outside sitting. The Husk serves as a restaurant during the day serving lunch and dinner. During the night, the Husk turns into a fully functioning bar but does not have a dance floor. The Husk has inside sitting with tables and booths and also offers a courtyard outside with tables and a bar if you would rather be outside. This is the place to go if you just want to have a drink with friends and hang out.







Opera room

Opera room is located downtown but is farther from the rest of the bars. Opera room is not going to be like your other bars and that is what is great about it. It is a very unique place with lots of unique people. If you want a quiet atmosphere and great conversation then you should be sure to check this place out. The best part about opera room is that they have 75cents Pabst Blue Ribbon everyday. Opera room has one bar, two levels and an outside area to sit. The inside area has chairs and tables to sit at and the second level has the same. Opera room and only be described as “refreshingly out of place” so be sure to check it out if you have time.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Whisky Tango is located downtown near all the other bars so you can still barhop here if you please. Whiskey tango is a bar that focuses more on a relaxing sophisticated feel. If you do not feel like dancing or playing games then you can come here to enjoy hand crafted drinks, cigars, and conversation. Whiskey tango offers a main floor that is furnished with hardwood, copper, and art for that nice sophisticated feel. They offer a patio area to sit while you enjoy your martini and cigar. For more info check out their website here.







Calico Room

Calico room is on Front Street but is located further down from the bars near Barbarey coast. The Calico room is a unique bar and offers a artsy kind of atmosphere. The Calico is a bar but focuses more on being a music venue. Here you can always find local artists playing. They play everything from electronic to country music. If you are looking for a place to enjoy ive music then this will be the place for you. For more info on upcoming events at calico room then go here.

Barbary coast

Babary coast is known for being Wilmington’s oldest bar and they also allow you to bring your dog. They are located in historic downtown and have a full bar for you to enjoy. They offer pool tables and shuffleboard tables for you to enjoy. There is also a rear patio with a view of the cape fear river. Barbary coast also has a great atmosphere with all kinds of interesting things to look at while you drink with your dog.


Satellite bar and lounge is located more off the beaten path but it is still located downtown on 2nd street. Satellite is a great place that has a country outdoors vibe with a modern feel to it. This a a dog friendly structure that offers indoor and outdoor seating. They have a full bar with a amazing drink selection from alcoholic beverage to Non-alcoholic. Satellite is know for is movie nights and if you like to swing dance then you would like its live bluegrass Sunday nights.

Juggling gypsy café & Hookah Bar

Juggling gypsy is located on castle street which is downtown but not near the cluster of other bars. This is a very unique place that I would defiantly recommend you check out. There are no tvs and the place claims to be “art interactive” which means that it strive to be a creative space for everybody. Here they serve alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages along with food and Hookahs. The juggling gyspy has special events like open mic nights, Electronic DJ’s, fire drum circles, belly dance shows, and artist show case. If you are tired of the regular bar scene then I would definitely recommend coming here if you want something new. For more information on upcoming events then be sure to checkout their website here.