Want Access to MLS?

What is the Wilmington, NC MLS?

The MLS stands for multiple listing services. It is the most accurate database of residential and commercial housing information that you are going to be able to find for your region. The MLS provides information on what is currently up for sale and also what has been sold in the past. Specific details such as square footage, number of rooms and bathrooms, HOA, and lots more are provided. Documents such as mineral and oil rights, property disclosure, and lead-based paint disclosure will also be provided through the MLS. The MLS is great for investors who are trying to get the best numbers for their calculations as well as people looking to buy a home that best meets their criteria.

 How do you get access to the Wilmington, NC MLS?

Unfortunately, you need to be a member of the National Association of Realtors to have full access to the MLS. If you are not a Realtor this means that you will need to find a realtor that will help set you up with a subscription to the MLS. A subscription to the MLS will send you houses from its database that are currently on the market or automatically send you houses when they hit the market.

I am a licensed Realtor and have access to the MLS. If you would like for me to set you up with a free subscription to the MLS then please leave your name, email, and I will contact you to set you up with a subscription.